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hello! my name is kelsey and this is my art blog. fandoms vary. i follow the #everking tag.

do NOT repost my art anywhere.


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have you been able to play Wolf Among Us? If so what do you think bout it -inevitable-revoluion

no, i haven’t! though my twitter blows up every time a new installment comes out, so i’ve been very tempted to give it a look see.

I'd like to think that since your tablet is gone, now you've been presented the chance to talk to your followers about cool things like your favorite Robins, what you enjoy about certain series you watch, stuff that you've noticed, etc. Y'know, just chit chatting and hanging out :) -royalhart

that’s an interesting way of looking at it! though now i feel a little bad that i might’ve been giving impression that i wasn’t open to answering casual questions like that before. that’s not the case at all. i check tumblr several times a day wether i’m on there to post art or not, and unless tumblr ate your ask or it was buried, i answer every ask/fanmail i get as promptly as i can. i’m always up for a little friendly conversation! believe me, you’d know if i was not. ;-D

I'm really in love with your style and your works! Your tags make me laugh, too! >w< and your Jason works just make me go asdfghjhkljhgf Actually, all your batfamily works are amazing and omg I'm sorry for spazzing a bit eeeeh! QwQ -b-tandoodlez

haha! i’m glad my silly tags make you laugh; i get so chatty down there. you flatter me, thank you!

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youtube /watch?v=8MJVaAhdsak is a REALLY REALLY GOOD Jason Todd song... I'm sorry. -Anonymous

ahhh, i love good music, don’t apologize! this also sounds like something he’d listen to himself, it’s right up his alley. thank you for the link! <3

Would you accept small donations towards a new tablet? -Anonymous

ah gosh, thank you for your kindness, but i really couldn’t. the guilt is strong in this one. i am considering opening up prepaid commissions though to help cushion the cost, then at least that way i can repay people for helping me afford a new tablet.

oh boy, so something dreadful has happened: my tablet has kicked the bucket. i’m rather peeved, as it was working perfectly the other day, but i suppose that’s just the way some things are. i haven’t the slightest idea when i’ll be able to get a new one, so this blog will be pretty quiet for the foreseeable future. :-(

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aah.. I love how much you love Jason Todd and the Batfam 8__8 not to mention your art is beautiful, as always! -bittesehr

thank you! sometimes i think that i might love jason todd and the batfamily a little too much, but then i’m like nahhh.

edit: i just realized that the distinction makes it sound like i don’t think jason is part of the batfamily, when i actually feel the complete opposite! now i’m sad. 8-(

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since you seem you be a long time dc fan i want to ask you a question: I was always really into dc movies and series but i never really got to read the actual comics. I'm trying to get into it now, but it's really hard and I don't really know where to start. Is the new 52 a good start? or do all new 52 series kind suck in comparison to the rest of the stuff? -Anonymous

sorry for taking so long to respond, anon, but i didn’t want to just cram a half-assed reply in the gaps of my busy schedule. first, i’d like to say that i actually haven’t been reading comics as long as it seems! like you, i was really into DCAU when i was small, but my experiences with the comics’ side of things is fairly recent; a little under a year to be exact. however, i will do my best to provide you with all the information you need to have a happy foray into the medium.

i would only recommend very specific corners of the New 52 as good places to start. for me, and for many others, the New 52 is a rickety roller coaster ride of lazy storytelling and poor characterization that we’d really like to get off of, like, yesterday. there are exceptions, such as the first arc of Batman and Robin v2, Li’l Gotham, and even the main Batman title has some pretty compelling arcs. but for the most part, as someone who has a fair bit of experience with preboot canon, New 52 is largely unpalatable.

that leaves us with preboot, which looks like an unconquerable colossi no matter what angle you come at it from. we’re talking 70+ years of material to dig through; it can be more than a little overwhelming to someone who has never picked up a comic book before. but you know what? it’s not going to be a problem. why? because there is no rule, written or otherwise, that it’s mandatory that you read all of it. how much or how little you read is entirely up to you. longtime comic buffs will tell you otherwise, but people who are so singularly dedicated with keeping their exclusive “club” pure and newbie-free aren’t worth spit. the comics industry has been a slowly sinking ship for years, scaring off new blood isn’t helping to keep it afloat— it’s only accelerating the downward spiral.

so where you begin is ultimately up to you, there is no definitive starting point, but i can point you in the right direction. a bit of fair warning: if you couldn’t already tell from the state of my blog, my heart and soul belongs to batfam, and the majority of my recommendations will reflect as much, so i apologize in advance for the dearth of variety. and to keep this response from getting too out of hand, i’ll refrain from adding summaries like i did with my last shortlist. i’ve listed them in no particular order:

NEW 52:
Batman and Robin v2
Li’l Gotham

Nightwing - the final few issues, #147 onward, are doubly recommended!
Nightwing & Huntress
Red Hood: The Lost Days
Scarecrow: Year One
Robin: Year One
Superman/Shazam: First Thunder - okay, i know i said nothing is mandatory, but i lied— file this under “Must Read Right Now Stop What You’re Doing Immediately And Read This”.
Batman: Under the Hood
Batman: The Long Halloween
Batman: Dark Victory - this is the story following The Long Halloween, so I would read TLH first.
Batman: Gates of Gotham
Batgirl: Year One

i trimmed the list down to titles/arcs i’ve either read to completion, or have read enough of to feel confident about recommending. this list is in no way complete; i am in the middle of reading multiple arcs and have a very sizable to-read list, but i hope it gives you enough material to get started. i wish you the best of luck, anon, and happy reading! <3

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I love people who still know who Jason Todd is. -Anonymous

i’m not sure if you meant this humorously, anon, but it certainly made me laugh! i’m a little puzzled though, are you referring to people that know jason before the great rebooting, or people who recognize the name full-stop? i’m going to assume you meant the former, since i don’t really get the impression that jason has lapsed into memory considering the apparent popularity of RHaTO.

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