but i've got thick skin and an elastic heart.

hello! my name is kelsey and this is my art blog. fandoms vary, mainly DC. i follow the #everking tag.

do NOT repost my art anywhere.


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Artemis doesn't exist and doesn't belong in the Outlaws, Roy Harper is the voice of people who struggle with addiction you retarded fuck nugget -Anonymous

wow, you really showed me!


stopping by to dump some character design work for a speedster for a future D&D game! his given name is liam, but the general public mostly knows him as “velocity”. he’s 17, gay, and an unnecessary-risk-taking boogerhead.

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so as some of you may have noticed, i showed up with an armful of new posts, and then promptly went off the grid again. the reason for that being that i’ve finally found a place and signed a lease! needless to say my life went from busy, to swamped. there are a few palette memes i’d still like to fill, but i won’t be able to get to them for at least a week or two.

wish me luck! be back soon.

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im trying to get into comics and ive found that i really like Jason Todd but im having trouble finding the comics he's in! you dont have to answer this if your busy but would you happen to know the comics/editions he's in? -Anonymous

unfortunately, i don’t have anything like a chronological list of jason’s appearances, but i can direct you to his comic vine appearance page. it lists every single issue he’s ever shown up in since his debut in 1983!

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 forsaken-spirits requested raven in #8

 forsaken-spirits requested raven in #8

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hey if we credit u and stuff can we use ur art as icons? i just found ur blog and i really like ur work so i was wondering -Anonymous

absolutely! :-)

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teeny tiny timmy todd. sam is to blame!

THE ANCIENT DAYS. though private RP?

these days i’ve taken my rp to private roleplay comms on DW or casual back-and-forths on AIM, as opposed to big, public communities.

i do! i used to be avidly involved in livejournal/dreamwidth rp, but have since moved onto private roleplay.

I know you had a booth at AX last year. Will you be attending this year as well? -Anonymous

i will be attending, but unfortunately i was unable to score myself a table this year. which sort of worked out for the best with my moving date right around the corner! here’s hoping for next year though, yeah? :-)

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